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This picture is very cool because of how the artist manipulated the subject by making parts of her the same color as the wall behind her.

"Smiling always with a never fading serenity of countenance, and flourishing in an immortal youth." - Isaac Barrow

What Is Your Sixth Sense?

It's an amazing image of a girl in motion, the colour theme is very bright and striking. [Documenting in Colour] [Multiple Images]

melancolía de la feminidad

Retratos de la melancolía femenina

Mayan Toledano’s Evocative Photographs Of Adolescent Girls Capture The Melancholy Of Burgeoning Womanhood

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Hannah And Landon

abstract portrait effect tutorial for Photoshop

Cutting the image in triangular shaped sections allows you to create a new image by treating it like a jigsaw puzzle.It is a very simple editing thing to do yet with the right portrait it can be very powerful to the viewer.

Who: Julie Cockburn  What: Manipulation of the human face. Masked portrait which cover the face and destroy the image.  Why: I like this image because Julie Cockburn uses the faces and spends time manipulating the image with the face and creating a delusional image. - Ooh no this is interesting

James: Julie Cockburn (click through for more information and scroll to the bottom)

Jennifer Pugh 'We're all Made of Stars' Jamie Nelson For Beautiful Savage 1

Makeup by Moises Ramirez: Jennifer Pugh 'We're all Made of Stars' Jamie Nelson For Beautiful Savage 1