Chicken tagine - no fruit

North African chicken tagine

North African chicken tagine recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food via Sandra Angelozzi

Thai One-Pot Recipe on Food & Wine

Thai One-Pot

Thai One-Pot - Ground pork, rice, bell peppers, and shiitake mushrooms are cooked in a single pan I think i would try it with minced turkey instead

Chicken and Biscuits in a Pot Recipe on Food & Wine

Chicken and Biscuits in a Pot

One-pot meals include one-pot chicken and biscuits and hearty short rib stew. Plus more one-pot meals.

Rosemary chicken w ratatouille

Rosemary chicken with oven-roasted ratatouille

Rosemary chicken with oven-roasted ratatouille - delicious! I make it with dried rosemary and thyme

Asopao with Chicken and Shrimp Recipe on Food & Wine

Asopao with Chicken and Shrimp

Prawn jalfrezi

Prawn jalfrezi

Satisfy a curry craving the healthy way with this Indian prawn dish - blitz the onions and spices into an authentic, thick, yet low-fat sauce. Use Frylight in place of oil and syn the honey.

Cioppino with Mussels Recipe on Food & Wine

Cioppino with Mussels

Andrew Zimmern’s Kitchen Adventures Andrew Zimmern packs his version of cioppino, the classic Italian-American fish stew, with incredible tomato flavor and lots of succulent seafood. Slideshow: More Italian Seafood Recipes

Beef & stout one pot

Irish Beef and Stout Stew

St Patricks Day meal idea: Irish Beef and Stout Stew - Martha Stewart Recipes

Chicken Cacciatore | Chicken Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Hunter's chicken stew (Pollo alla cacciatora)

Hunter's Chicken Stew (Pollo alla cacciatore) Heart Italian classic with a delicious red wine sauce

Arroz con pollo

Arroz Con Pollo

The bold flavors of saffron, bay leaves, and garlic infuse Valencia rice, a Spanish variety perfect for slow-cooked dishes (it is the traditional base for paella). Here, the grains are cooked up with golden-brown chicken thighs and garnished with pimiento

Chicken, fennel, artichoke fricasee one pot

Chicken, Fennel, and Artichoke Fricassee

Martha Stewart - one pot meal - Chicken Fennel and Artichoke Fricassee - There's incredible flavor in this one-skillet dish. Fennel and red onion intensify the braising liquid, which becomes a pan sauce.


The secret to making great curry

Back to basics: The key to making a great curry is threefold. Master that, then simply improvise

Salami & peppadew pizza

Salami & peppadew pizza

Ingredients pack bread mix 1 tbsp flour or semolina 1 small jar pizza tomato sauce (about pack salami, sliced 10 peppadews, halved 1 red onion, thinly sliced large pinch crushed chi.

Barbeque pork shoulder

Barbecue pork shoulder, Carolina style: recipe

Barbecue pork shoulder, Carolina style: recipe from Jamie Oliver's partner at Barbecoa restaurant

Smokey cola chilli

Smokey Cola Chili - Amazing one pot recipe - Page 1 - Food, Drink & Restaurants