Organized + styled. ikea cubes always good!

Instead of placing your storage bins at the bottom or top of a bookshelf. Break up the bookshelf by placing them in a uniform line in the middle! Easier to reach too! Place two of these bookshelves together to create more space to achieve this: or

Les carreaux de céramique est fabriqué sur commande à partir de croquis de David Sanders, David David. Oreiller en laine, HEAL. Table basse A-joint, Henry Wilson.

Квартира декоратора в Лондоне, 25 м²

Outdoor kitchen

I want an outdoor kitchen but without all the modern stuff. I want a brick oven and a little fire place.

Amazing retro Barbie dream house

Amazing retro Barbie dream house - amazing because my mom has that kitchen! (Like, Barbie kitchen.


Whenever you see interior decor with a shabby chic feel does it become a part of your memory? If yes then how about giving your kitchen a shabby chic makeover? You can take a look at the designs we have collected here: A Kitchen with Splashes of Pink A …