Layout ideas: we could cut out the background, focus on the dominant person and edit the photos like this brochure did!

A brochure - circles + bold colour equals a great and attention grabbing design.

Editorial Design / Food Magazine Editorial Design — Designspiration

Editorial Design / Food Magazine Editorial Design — Designspiration-Page Layout-I like the grid that is used for this layout.

HATTIE STEWART MAGAZINE ILLUSTRATIONS. This is a really interesting I-D magazine cover, combining illustration with photography.

Expressive Pop Art Covers

London-based illustrator Hattie Stewart transforms cliché fashion magazine covers into psychedelic redesigns, where beauty icons are made into surreal — and sometimes terrifying — figures.

Expressive Pop Art Covers - These Hattie Stewart Magazine Illustrations Dare to Stand Out (GALLERY)

Expressive Pop Art Covers

British artist Hattie Stewart challenges the monotony of fashion publications covers with her cheeky interpretations. She takes her love for the print world to another step by using magazine covers as her medium for creating these graphic illustrations.

New Chinese look by Chen Man for I-D Magazine

Another famous Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man's work :New Chinese look for I-D Magazine.

Gemma Ward for i-D magazine, photo by Luminous Phenomenon on flickr

The Offspring Issue September 2007 Cover star Gemma Ward Photography Emma Summerton Fashion Direction Edward Enninful

This is very big and bold. People will have no problem reading this. Personally, I don't like the type this big, but I think they did that so it fits with the rest of the magazine. It's not one of my favorite table of contents page though.

This is a very direct table of contents that shouts the central idea of the sections of the magazine. Could use as my table of contents just different colors and all on one page

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