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UFCF - Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting

UFCF - Ultimate Fictional Characters Fighting

I love how cute and innocent it is at first and then there's Mewtwo

Pokemon Shaming- aww I like the lickitung!

Gengar Must Be German

Gengar using a real shadow ball

Repost if you don't like Donald Trump a.k.a Donald Dump

Haha I hate Donald trump but this is wonderful.

This shouldn't be so funny to me... but it is.

lol ash is stoned

Afternoon Funny Picture Dump 38 Pics

It's Hard To Tell But One Of My Dogs Helped Mow The Lawn. - The best funny pictures

25 Hilarious and Funny quotes only star wars fans will understand ..

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Jesus...I'm ready to come home

Hello Jesus, please beam me up!

Things get pretty crazy at English teachers’ parties.

Funny pictures about English teacher's parties. Oh, and cool pics about English teacher's parties. Also, English teacher's parties.