i like the idea of hiding the washer and dryer, i wonder if this muffles the sound!

A functional laundry area concealed by neutral cabinetry. Covering up the washer and dryer is the best idea I've seen in years! Will help to conceal our washer/dryer in our corner kitchen & provide uniformity with existing kitchen cabinets.

Hidden walk-in pantry

Kitchen Pantry Design Ideas

Hidden Walk-In Pantry Disguised behind a hideaway door made to resemble kitchen cabinetry, this walk-in pantry design presents an abundance of food storage. Open floor-to-ceiling shelves offer a quick view of what's in stock. Love this idea!

Drawer pull storage (it's like a secret compartment!)

15 Hideaway Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Slide out storage makes use of deep space behind cabinet doors. Great Idea for spice cabinets and can put cook books in the front

Maybe these?

Custom Bedroom Cabinets I completed last week. Jim Backus used to live here.