"We are Making a New World" - by Paul Nash. 1918.  The destruction and desolation of the First World War. Given extra impact by the painting's title.

"We Are Making a New World" was painted by Paul Nash in The setting in this painting is Inverness Copse, which was the scene of German resistance during the British offensive in the summer of Paul Nash was commissioned as an official war artist.

Wounded, Passchendaele by Paul Nash

Wounded, Passchendaele by Paul Nash. Nash was sent to the front in A sensitive boy, he was obsessed with literature, and to some extent, he felt as though he'd stepped into a novel.

Nash, Paul (1889-1946) - 1917-18 The Ypres Salient at Night (Imperial War Museum, London) Oil on canvas; 71.1 x 91.4 cm. Paul Nash, British painter, printmaker, illustrator, and photographer who achieved recognition for the war landscapes he painted during both world wars. Nash studied at the Slade School. Appointed an official war artist by the British government in 1917, he created scenes of war in a semi-abstract landscape manner

Nash, The Ypres Salient at Night - Paul Nash (artist) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Shore by Paul Nash Leeds Museums and Galleries 1923 Oil on canvas

The Shore, by Paul Nash, 1923 (via the BBC's 'Your Paintings', in partnership with the Public Catalogue Foundation)

PAUL NASH Winter Sea

Paul Nash : 'Winter Sea' having lived in Aberdeen in the North East of Scotland I've loved this ever since I saw it in York Art Gallery. The personification of the cold North Sea.