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10. Rama, Sita and Hanuman – Heart Of Hinduism
an image of two people in the woods with a giant creature on their head and another person holding swords
تغريدة / Twitter
Aurva Bhārgava (@aurvabhrg) / Twitter
a painting of men walking across a bridge with birds flying over the water behind them
some people are standing in the water and one is wearing an orange sari with two men on it
यदि अधर्म युद्ध चाहता है तो धर्म उसे युद्ध देगा।
a painting of a man standing next to another man in the water with a snake
Associating with the Supreme Lord Ramachandra
Dandavats | Associating with the Supreme Lord Ramachandra
an image of lord rama and his wife in the forest with other people around him
Rama Print # 19
a painting of a man sitting on a chair with a bow in his hand and wearing an elaborate headdress
Shree Ram
Ram ram Namaste, Hanuman Chalisa, Shri Hanuman, Jai Hanuman
Kala Kshetram
Ram ram
an image of a woman sitting in the water with her hands up and holding a jug
lord ganeshri riding on the back of an elephant with a ball in its mouth
Varaha Avatar (via
an image of the god sitting on top of a ball
an illustration of a mermaid with a crown on her head and two birds flying above it
Matsaya avtar
a statue of hindu deities in front of a shrine