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Crow Skull Mask by Jennie-Wolf on deviantART Diy Crow Skull Mask using cardboard , duct tape, foam, wire, and paper mache. Really want excellent suggestions on crafts?

WIP Blade of Woe by Daniel-Abreu on deviantART

Blade of Woe from Skyrim for a future cosplay. First attempt at carving a prop in polyurethane so let's hope for the best Part 2 soon WIP Blade of Woe

How To Make PVC Look Like Wood

Making PVC Look Like Wood I came up with this simple trick to give PVC pipe a realistic wood texture when I built a few plastic didgeridoos a couple of years ago. It would also work for theater, home decor or backyard tiki-bars! This is a simple and cheap

MAKE A BOW AND QUIVER. Pattern for BJD, but could be up sized. Wonderful instructions.

How to: Miniature bow and quiver with arrows.beautiful site with other tutorials.