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5 Hands-On Activities for Teaching Fractions that your Students will LOVE!  Make equivalent fractions

Or, work with a partner (or the teacher) and play Fraction Domino War. Each person places a domino on their side of the whiteboard, and the student with the greatest fraction wins both dominos. The student with the most dominos at the end wins.

Equivalent Fractions Race - Directions: Roll 2 dice and create a proper fraction. If you roll 2 of the same number, roll 1 die again. Now let your partner roll the dice and create his fraction. Once both players have a fraction, you will race to see who can write all of the equivalent fractions first.

Math center for fractions Equivalent Fraction Race: two students each roll a dice. Write two numbers as a proper fraction, then both students race to write all the equivalent fractions they can create for that fraction.

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Math division wheels, except I would have the numbers facing out so the answers weren't all fractions. Could have the answers on the other side so students can check their answers. Could even make the other side multiplication.

cute for upper elementary...can adapt for whatever kids are learning (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square roots, etc.)

Elementary Math Project Idea ~ this creative fun requires skill-based learning. fun beginning of the year math project for everyone to get to know each other while practicing math skills