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Everything is about to Happen Corvi Mora What Book, Space Gallery, Small Art, Everything, Shit Happens

Everything is About to Happen

Corvi Mora Gallery 14thMarch-26April 2014 -Exhibition- an ongoing archive of books selected by Gregorio Magnani.One needs a book listing artist's books. Printed books created by artists, a book about books created for artists and a book for getting your head around what book artists do. All are different genres using the shape and form of a book to create art and text or simply a selection of images. Although not generally considered a major players in the art world, the artist's book is a…

Ceal Floyer Egg/Chicken 2005 | ROLLING PLINTH Conceptual Art, Contemporary Art, Sculptures, Rolls, Objects, Container, Eggs, Chicken, House

Ceal Floyer Egg/Chicken 2005

Ceal FloyerEgg/Chicken 2005 edition 12

On Saturday, iconic performance artist Laurie Anderson presented her recent work “Dirtday! The multimedia performance included a sp… O Superman, Laurie Anderson, Jazz, Blues, Fabulous Birthday, Natural Energy, Now And Forever, Music Icon, Post Punk

Hotel Hot Dogs Recipe by Laurie Anderson

Hotel Hot Dogs This recipe is highly recommended if you're dining alone in a hotel room in Germany. It is fast, easy, and the perfect end to a day of back-to-back press interviews.UTENSILS:• 1 lamp• pocket knife• wire strippersINGREDIENTS:• 2 bratwurst (Oscar Meyers will also do)Unwrap the bratwurst and place on bedside table. Unplug the floor lamp. Using the pocket knife, cut the lamp cord approximately 3 feet from the plug. With the wire strippers, peel the insulation from the cord…

Renoud Jerez, 'exploring the systems of intangiable materialism'. Geography, Wardrobe Rack, Exploring, Contemporary Art, Contemporary Artwork, Explore, Research, Modern Art

DRAF Geographies of Contamination

of Contamination, appears to me as much about drawing attention to contamination in the geographies of the world as it is about contamination inside the art world. Stepping away from the commercialisation of the art system and the refusal of theorisation within art practise, were some of the topic's touched on in the talk accompanying the exhibition on Friday last.Neil Beloufa's Panels of obscured electrical parts that hint at an opaque circuit system.In the western world we have a surplus…

Richard Hamilton and Victor Passmore at ICA March 2014 March 2014, Hamilton, Contemporary Art, Flat Screen, Gallery, Artist, Painting, Roof Rack, Contemporary Artwork


Digital art and cultural centre, The Gaite Lyrique is hosting Aéroports / Ville-Monde: an immersive exhibition in which the atmosphere of an airport terminal is recreated. Featuring 19 international artists, the exhibition is the second edition of Terminal P, held first in Montpellier at La Panacée one year ago. In Paris, on the evening of the opening I was given a boarding pass and a carte d'embarquement du commissaire de l'exposition. Franck Bouchard, whom I found to be a very dedicated…