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A good quick Russian refresher of the basics

Learn some of the Common Russian Words - I read the Russian phonetics first, and knew what some meant already.

nikon tutorials night photography | Settings for night photography

*night lights - moonscapes, dusk skyline, traffic, fair, etc.* Nailing Night Exposures: Here's a guide to the rough settings you're likely to need for popular low-light subjects.

fluent sarcasm for sure.ur intuition and gut feeling failed u on deciding u had to leave me.u are regretting it to this day.and ur dark side.ya I wouldnt go there.

A teacher's lesson

they laughed at him because he was EXPECTED to do it perfectly. If a 5 year old had done the same thing they would have reacted with amazement.

Free #Astrology Natal chart…

FAQ: What are Pisces Birthstones? – Pisces Birthstones are ocean jasper and aquamarine. What are Pisces birthstone colors?