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Writing prompt: What if the time travellers are all after you?

Writing prompt: What if the time travellers are all after you?

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Writing prompt: write about an assassin who gets hired to kill a man who doesn't exist.

the irony is literally killing me

the irony is literally killing me

Today we are sharing our very own Papier Mache Erupting Volcano, it was a relatively “quick project” that we made in a “last minute” hurry to celebrate my son’s “Hawaiian Day” at school. My son has been learning all about the Hawaiian Volcanoes – in particularly Mauna Loa and was very excited to recreate a volcanic …

Science Fair Project - create your own Papier Mache Erupting Volcano - a great classic science project for kids. Lots of fun and easy to make.

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We all know those tired clichés. It’s time to kill them. Take one of them and turn them on their heads or at least these will hopefully keep the errors out of your writing. If you think of any other way to change them up go right ahead.

Rewiring The Brain - We do control how well we Understand! The Brain is Elastic, GROW IT!

This is a great infographic about how to break bad habits, create good habits, and even control our emotions -- Rewiring The Brain

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A flash of light in the sky, the house shaking with it's might, the smell of rain in the air and just the slightest bit of smoke from a nearby tree that was hit by lightning.