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Floor plans aren't just for Pros. Anyone can make a floor plan and it's a really useful tool for planning and laying out your home design ideas. Here are some…
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Senior Move Managers: How to visualize an accessible space
RoomSketcher can help Senior Move Managers create a more accessible space for their clients 🤝 Our intuitive home design app allows you to envision and implement accessible adjustments, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and supported in their homes. Whether it’s part of a downsize or simply adapting the current space, RoomSketcher helps you design with inclusivity in mind. #roomsketcher #accessible #seniormovemanager #accessiblehome
Which floor plan do you prefer?
Which do you prefer - sketch, 2D Floor Plan or 3D Floor Plan? With RoomSketcher, you get the best of both worlds. When you order a floor plan from us, you only need to send a blueprint or sketch. We’ll then send you a floor plan within one business day, which you can download in 2D and 3D!
the floor plan for a house that has two rooms and three bathrooms, with text overlay
Common Floor Plan Mistakes & How To Avoid Them
What are some common mistakes when designing a floor plan? 🤔 We’ve got 20 - and everything you need to know to avoid making them! ✅ From zoning and traffic flow to misplaced electrical sockets, tap now to explore them all in our blog post. #roomsketcher #floorplan #houseplan #floorplans #houselayout
an open concept floor plan with the words how to create open concept floor plans
How to Create Open-Concept Floor Plans
Are open floor plans a good idea? 🤔 We sure think so! Open-concept homes hold the secret to spacious living. Tap to read more in our blog about crafting open-concept floor plans that breathe life into a home 🏡✨ #roomsketcher #openplan #openfloorplan #openplanliving #openplankitchen
the floor plan for a bedroom and living room in a house with an attached bathroom
House Plan Zoning & Traffic Flow
What are some common mistakes made when designing a house plan? 🤔 One common mistake is overlooking zoning and traffic flow 🔄 This clever solution strategically places a shelving unit to split traffic, minimizing congestion 🏡 Tap for more common mistakes! #roomsketcher #floorplan #houseplan #interiordesign #floorplandesign
three floor plans with the words tiny home floor plan ideas
Tiny Home Floor Plan Ideas
🏡✨ Searching for tiny house floor plans? Look no further! Tap to explore endless possibilities in our Floor Plan Gallery. RoomSketcher's 3D Floor Plans can provide an immersive visualization of even the tiniest of homes, helping you to make the most of the space! 🌟 #roomsketcher #tinyhouse #tinyhome #tinyhousedesign #tinyhousefloorplans
the floor plan for an apartment with two separate rooms, one in green and one in red
Kitchen Layout Zoning Tips
Creating a kitchen that balances form and function is an art ✨ By thoughtfully zoning different spaces in the kitchen, you create a space that flows easily, meeting the practical needs of a busy household. For the best results, zones should be evenly spaced apart ↔ #roomsketcher #kitchendesign #kitchentips #homedesign #kitcheninspo
Want to learn the basics of zoning?
A home isn't just rooms. It's a collection of spaces for different purposes 🏠 So, it makes sense to define these spaces into zones, depending on what they’re used for 💡 This improves the flow between areas of the home, and also makes the process of designing your floor plan more manageable! #roomsketcher #houseremodel #apartmentplan #houseplan #floorplanideas
Home Remodel Future Considerations
Is your next home remodel going to be future-friendly? 🤔 Think ahead and adapt the space to meet future needs. Whether it's expanding the family or planning for retirement, RoomSketcher makes it easy to visualize potential changes 🏡✨ #roomsketcher #remodel #remodelingideas #accessibility #homeofficedesign
Is your home remodel future-proof?
Is your next house remodel project going to be a forever home? 🤔 One of the most common floor plan mistakes is not planning for the future. This space has been created with simplicity and flexibility in mind, allowing it to be easily remodeled from a home office to a nursery after having kids ✨ Learn more about common floor plan mistakes in our blog and how to avoid them.
the floor plan for an apartment with two separate rooms and one bedroom on each side
Contemporary Coastal Home Floor Plans
We love these floor plans for a stylish and contemporary coastal home from Lauren Michele! ✨ 3D Floor Plans like these help to finalize the finished layout of a home by making it easy to visualize the different material and furniture options - we know that these can sometimes be tricky to decide on! Tap to check out more of Lauren’s designs on her Instagram profile! #roomsketcher #floorplan #floorplandesign #openfloorplan #houseplans
an apartment floor plan with two cars parked in the garage and one bedroom on the second floor
What is missing from this floor plan?
🏠 This gorgeous 4-bedroom family home floor plan has it all… almost! Can you guess what's missing from this house plan? Comment your guess below! 🤔😄 #roomsketcher #houseplans #floorplandesign
an apartment floor plan with two rooms and one bedroom on the other side, which is also
Why choose between 2D or 3D Floor Plans?
Why choose between 2D or 3D when you can have both? 🤷 RoomSketcher makes it simple and quick to create professional floor plans. 2D Floor Plans are perfect for finalizing your finished layout, while 3D Floor Plans make it easy to visualize different material and furniture options. Getting clients to sign off on their next remodel has never been easier!
How to Turn a Finished Basement into a Living Space
A finished basement is an exciting blank canvas for you to showcase your remodeling skills. But at the same time, it can be difficult to know where to begin! 🤔💭 In our latest blog post, we guide you through the whole process, from the initial concept to creating a floor plan, and even storage solutions! Start your next basement project today ⬇️ https://www.roomsketcher.com/blog/finished-basement/
Happy Valentine's Day from RoomSketcher!
We’re spreading the love this Valentine’s Day with this romantic heart-shaped floor plan! ❤️🏡 Don’t let unusual spaces break your heart 💔 No matter what shape or size your room is, we guarantee you’ll find your design match on RoomSketcher. After all, just look at the delightful design we managed to fit into this heart-shaped room! 💖 Explore our Valentine’s Day love nest for yourself: https://gallery.roomsketcher.com/360/?gid=24647688&l=en