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Whether you are a real estate agent, real estate appraiser, broker, property photographer, home staging professional or just someone looking to list a property…
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4 Social Media Post Ideas for Realtors
Looking for realtor social media content ideas? 🏡✨ Boost your social media marketing with these ideas for eye-catching posts! From virtual open houses to stunning virtual staging transformations, the RoomSketcher App has all the tools you need. #roomsketcher #realestate #virtualstaging #homestaging #realestatemarketing
Elevate your 2D Floor Plans from bland to grand!
Elevate your 2D Floor Plans from bland to grand! 🎨 With RoomSketcher, you can easily add colors and materials that transform your floor plans into real showstoppers. It's time to step up your game and make every detail pop – because a little color can make a world of difference! #roomsketcher #houseplans #realestatemarketing #homeselling #homsellingtips
a living room with lots of furniture and words describing how to make the most of a small living room
How to make the most of a small living room
How do you arrange furniture in a small living room? 🤔 Follow our simple tips for the perfect small living room layout: ✨ Use soft lighting, like a cozy reading lamp, for a warm, inviting atmosphere. 🌿 Add life with plants; they bring freshness without taking up much space. 🖼️ Personalize with wall art to give the room character. 📚 Opt for wall-mounted storage to keep the floor clear and spacious. 🛋️ Use a chaise lounge or ottoman for flexible seating options. 🪴 Ground the space with a seamlessly fitting rug to tie it all together. Pin this for future inspiration! Do you have any tips of your own? 💡 #roomsketcher #smallspace #livingroom #smallivingroom #livingroominspo
the floor plan for an apartment with three rooms
How to Calculate Total Living Area
Do you know how to calculate total living area? 🏡 Easily calculate TLA by including finished and heated basements, attics, and more. Each space must be finished, heated/cooled, accessible, and have sufficient ceiling height. Plus, external walls are usually included. Exclusions include unfinished spaces, low ceiling height areas, and those with limited access. With RoomSketcher, TLA calculations, inclusions, and exclusions are done for you, making your property assessments accurate and efficient! Tap to learn more. #roomsketcher #realestate #homeselling #totallivingarea #floorplan
Virtually step inside any home!
Virtually step inside any home with our 360 View feature 🏡 It doesn’t matter where you are - all you need is a link from the RoomSketcher App! In RoomSketcher, you can easily create a floor plan, or we can even draw one for you. Place the virtual camera anywhere in your floor plan, and you can generate a 360 View from that perspective in seconds! Explore at your leisure with RoomSketcher 😊
the floor plan for an apartment with two bedroom and one bathroom, which is shown above
From Sketch to 2D Floor Plan to 3D Floor Plan
What type of marketing is best for real estate? 🤔🏠 We think you can’t go wrong with beautiful 2D and 3D Floor Plans from the RoomSketcher App! You can sketch them yourself or order them from us with our one-business-day turnaround. Plus, you can generate 360 Views and Live 3D walkthroughs directly from your floor plan - the perfect way to introduce potential buyers to a property 🌟 Tap to learn more about using RoomSketcher for real estate! #roomsketcher #realestate #homeselling #homesellingtips #realestatemarketing
Real Estate Marketing Tips
Ready to take your listings to the next level? Here’s how to do it! 👇 Use the RoomSketcher App to effortlessly generate stunning 2D and 3D Floor Plans from your sketches 😮 Whether you create them yourself or order from us, you'll wow your clients with personalized visuals that showcase every detail of their dream home.
How can RoomSketcher help you sell a home?
🏡✨ Ready to elevate your home sales game? Here's how RoomSketcher can be your secret weapon: 🔄 360 View: Immerse potential buyers with a virtual tour of every corner. 🌟 2D & 3D Floor Plans: Provide a comprehensive view of the layout with both technical precision and stunning visualizations. ✨ Live 3D: Walk clients through the property in real time. 📸 3D Photos: Showcase the beauty of the home with striking visuals. #roomsketcher #realestate #realestatemarketing #homeselling #homesellingtips
From Hand Drawn to 2D and 3D House Plans
Elevate your real estate listings with RoomSketcher's lightning-fast floor plans – now available within one business day! 🏡 Impress clients with professionally crafted designs. Just send us your hand-drawn sketch or blueprint, and watch the magic unfold. Your secret to standout listings is just a click away! 🌟
Customize 2D Floor Plans
2D Floor Plans are great for giving a technical overview of a home - but they can look a little bland 😬 However, with RoomSketcher’s customization features, you can add vibrant colors and textures. Whether adding corporate branding or just a burst of personality, RoomSketcher 2D Floor Plans are never dull! 🌈✨ You can also add your logo, measurements, labels and more.
Real Estate Marketing Ideas
Ready to turn your listings into a visual masterpiece? 🤩 With RoomSketcher's 360 View, you can give buyers the virtual keys to explore every nook and cranny 🔑 You can even virtually stage spaces to target individual clients with our Replace Materials feature ✨ 2D and 3D Floor Plans also work well together, giving buyers both a technical and immersive impression of the space 🏡
the floor plan for a two bedroom apartment, with four separate rooms and one living room
2D & 3D House Plans
How do you create a real estate marketing strategy? 🤔 We think these 2D and 3D Floor Plans are a great place to start! Choose 2D for technicalities, 3D for full visual immersion, or a combination of both for a visual showstopper. Which do you prefer - 2D or 3D? 🏠 #roomsketcher #realestate #homesellingtips #realestatemarketing #realtormarketingideas
Virtual Staging: Real Estate Marketing Idea
Witness the magic of virtual staging in this incredible before-and-after transformation 🌟 By recreating your real estate listing in the RoomSketcher App and injecting some of your potential buyer’s personality, you can turn their design dreams into reality and increase the likelihood of a purchase. Ready to envision the possibilities? 💫
real estate 3d - d combination floor plans are available for free to use on the web
Real Estate 2D-3D Combination Floor Plans
Get the best of both worlds in your real estate listings with 2D-3D Floor Plans ✨ With the precision of 2D and the immersion of 3D, these floor plans give your real estate marketing a real edge. Plus, you can export both from the exact same floor plan in the RoomSketcher App. #roomsketcher #realestatemarketing #realestate #realestateagent #realtorsocialmediaposts
Real Estate Marketing Idea: 3D Floor Plans
Most home purchases begin with a great online presentation. Are yours up to scratch? 🤔 A stunning 3D Floor Plan is a good place to start. You can order one from us: drop us your blueprint, and voilà, a 3D masterpiece in a day! ✨