Luona Plywood Design Do this with a couple of rods and a shelf on top paint it like a house and it's perfect for the kids room

DIY inspiration in this plywood wardrobe house for the kids room. Makes keeping things tidy a little more fun, right?

Keep backpack, hat, shoes, coat, etc., all together in one place for each child.

Organizing entry way or mud room idea - if you have a closet perhaps do one hook idea on each side.wish I had a mud room

So-hooked on our So-Hooked Rack Five Different way!

Hooked-Up: Our So-Hooked Rack 6 Different Ways

Often, you can track a family member's daily routine by the articles of clothing in your home (and the weird places they end up). For instance, shoes are always littered in the entryway and first room of your home. Encourage better behavior by using coat racks to hold pairs of shoes. It's one less thing to trip over at least. See more at IKEA »

102 Best Tips to Get Your Home Super Organized

6 idées pour ranger vos chaussures sans empiéter sur le style

Image 6 of 22 from gallery of Skechers TR Casual Showroom / Zemberek Design. Photograph by Safak Emrence

Germania halmeubel wit/antraciet-Afbeelding 1

Germania halmeubel wit/antraciet-Afbeelding 1

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