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some plants are growing on top of the light bulbs and hanging from a wooden beam
Inspire - se e faça a sua luminária - FazFácil
a cat sitting on top of a book shelf filled with books next to potted plants
27 Bathroom Shelving Ideas for Added Storage and a More Stylish Display Space
a candle that is on top of a chandelier with ivy hanging from it
Casamento Jardim Vermelho e Rosa
there is a potted plant on the shelf next to a toy car and mirror
Devils Ivy Plant
The Devils Ivy plant adds another touch of greenery to your home. Pothos plants are easy to take care of and can grow rapidly in the right conditions. Learn tips and tricks for your devils ivy plant care on our blog. #devilsivy #pothos #plantcare
a living room filled with lots of plants and potted plants on top of shelves
36 Indoor Garden Ideas to Create a Serene and Vibrant Oasis