Rosanna Gill

Rosanna Gill

Aberdeenshire, Scotland / Grandmother, quilter, potter, bobbin lacemaker,stained glass maker,reader, puzzler ,doll maker, cook, baker, love children with a animals,
Rosanna Gill
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Do you keep seeing the number 222 ? Or any other reoccurring numbers?

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Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Metabolism

Crystal Guidance: Crystal Tips and Prescriptions - Hormone Balance. Top Recommended Crystals: Moonstone, Pietersite, or Labradorite. Additional Crystal Recommendations: Aquamarine. Hormones are associated with the Higher Heart and Third Eye chakras in general. However, if you are specifically working on feminine hormones you can also work with your preferred crystal on the Sacral chakra.

Hormone Balance — Moonstone, Pietersite, or Labradorite assist with balancing hormones. Carry with you or work with your preferred crystal by holding it to you Higher Heart (for general hormone balance) or Sacral chakra (feminine hormones) for minutes.

Archangels and Crystals. For more follow and stay positively #inspired.

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CRYSTAL Chart ~ Using Crystals for Healing & Feeling Great - Plus Crystal / Gemstone Healing Properties

Time to step up gemsonas

Gems GLORIOUS Gems Coming in every color of the rainbow and clear, traslucent or opaque- each with a vibe, a value and a victory! We are the crystal gems

My garden is in desperate need of this toad house.

Toad Tavern Garden Statue - What We Like About The Toad Tavern The Toad Tavern features a realistic looking multi-level design and gives the appearance of a second floor.