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Rosa Pessagno
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Rosa Pessagno
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Everything on here is true

Never been in a relationship - yes Oh well ❤️ Never been kissed - yep I do care what I look like I am lazy and awkward and have a weird sense of humour I care to much I overthink and have no social life Music is my life and my life would be a good to show

its sad how true this is

This is why I hate society. They say things to you that can hurt but if or when you change it society finds a way to make it back fire. So screw society we have one life to live and in my opinion I'd rather live it my way.


It's all how we perceive beauty. I don't completely agree with the person in this post, because we're not "lying" when we say that the little girl is beautiful. She is beautiful. No one is lying here.

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Norwegians Be Like…

I like how the original title for The Fault in Our Stars is all poetic and then the Norwegians just translated it to “fuck destiny”>> lol I live in Norway and everytime I see that book I laugh a little