Tutorial: Using Press 'n Seal to transfer embroidery patterns

HOW VERY CLEVER! TUTORIAL: Using Press 'n Seal to transfer embroidery patterns. I wouldn't trace over computer screen but print and trace onto Press 'n Seal then press pattern onto embroidery surface.


Artist Uses Home Sewing Machine To Capture Nature’s Most Delicate Forms With Embroidery

Australian visual artist Meredith Woolnough creates elegant embroidered sculptures that capture the delicate beauty of nature in knotted threads. Through a delicate system of tiny stitches she creates.

Industrial landscape

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Romussi Murphy


Chile-based mixed media artist Jose Romussi brings to life these vintage photographs of ballet dancers. Embroidering colorful thread on top of the costumes, the artist creates dazzling patterns making the subject look like she is pirouetting.

Byzantium by Margaret Nicholson http://www.embroiderersguild.com

Embroiderers' Guild :: Welcome to the Embroiderers' Guild

Rachel Gornall | 62 Group

Rachel Gornall | 62 Group

Embroiderers' Guild Isle of Man Branch: Machine Embroidered Lace - Wendy Dolan

Wendy in front of a sample piece she made for the Millennium Commission for Ashbridge College, Herts. Wendy traveled over to the isla.