Pflanzen: Gewürze (Gemischt / Mixed)

Gewürze / Spice ~~~ Pfeffer / Black Pepper ~~~ Salz / Salt ~~~ Zucker / Sugar
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Pfeffer / Black Pepper + Gewürze / Spice

Ants can be a pest all year round. There's nothing worse than an ant invasion. Try these 8 techniques to repel ants the natural way.

Salz / Salt

cool five sudden works by using of salt in day-to-day lifestyle pics)

Salz / Salt

The Importance of Salt for Sensitives and Empaths Salt is pretty significant in Wicca, and you will see it quite frequently.

Zucker / Sugar

Natural sweetener or artificial sweetener? No-cal or low-cal? Choosing how to sweeten your food and drinks has never been stickier. This guide to seven common sweeteners will help you decide.

Gewürze / Spice

Espen Allford - herbs and spices picture for desktops - px