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In 1969 publicist Keith Altham was struggling to gain column inches for the under achieving ROCK band SLADE.The group were managed by CHAS ...

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 To be honest I cannot recall. I only had one pair as I wasn't keen on them either. Is that because you favoured bespoke for a better fit / better...

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Originally Posted by Lasttye Back in the 60s, Levis did a Girls fit, the waist would be higher than present day girls fit, Because the higher waist a...

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^^ yea that's sort of the typical oi look....stars n bars patches, that was always the "subtle" way of saying you were white least for American...

The shoes were originally intended for the working class, which eventually led them to be a staple of the skinhead look. Skinhead Girl, Skinhead Fashion, Skinhead Style, Skinhead Boots, Dr. Martens, Mod Fashion, Vintage Fashion, Street Fashion, Youth Subcultures

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Magnum Photos - Ian Berry G. Football hooligan being escorted from the pitch after disrupting the match. Football Casuals, Football Soccer, Football Players, Ian Berry, Youth Culture, Magnum Photos, Look At You, Way Of Life, Behance

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 Yeah, I know, and I should have been more precise about what I meant by 'revival'. I didn't mean the relatively small band of people who do their best to...