Dutch artist Benjamin Van Oost, has created a miniature favela with his girlfriend Annelies. The sculpture is made entirely of trash: recycled boxes, pieces of metal found on the street, toilet paper rolls, & aluminum cans. good examples of visual balance

book sculpture

Book Sculpture is a form of sculpturing art made with books. In this post, we collected 20 Book Sculptures for your inspiration. Book Sculptures by Julya Hajnoczky source Red lips source Book Sculptures by liz hamman source Book Sculptures by kelly.

Rolls: Paper Cut Collages by Anastassia Elias

Rolls: Paper Cut Collages by Anastassia Elias miniature diorama style shadow silouhette paper art work in toilet rolls fab interesting absorbing and spirit lifting art to do at home.

paper art installation

Euphoria A Paper Installation by Vanessa Alarie. Sensual fusion of forces of this world, euphoria detail, symbiosis patterns exploding gently in a universe that defy the space-time. All these shapes cut from paper, all these gaps through which pass th


Amazing Paper Art This is simply awesome! I love the use of negative space in this. Its also interesting because our shadow light project was very similar to this art.

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Recycling: newspapers - Home - The Daily Lime - Reduce, reuse, recycle, go green! Funky recycled newspaper Pencils from Treesmart.