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coffee slice no bake melt and mix on a white plate with text overlay
Coffee Slice - No Bake · Chef Not Required...
two photos with the words 20 beautiful cotswolds villages in front of them
20+ Beautiful Cotswolds Villages & Towns You Must Visit! | solosophie
a large building with lots of windows on top of it
Woburn Abbey, Bedfordshire
there are many boats that are parked on the beach at sunset or sunrise in the ocean
Sunset over Hastings
a row of wooden buildings next to each other with a boat in the foreground
Net Huts, Hastings
the beach is lined with white buildings under a blue sky and some wispy clouds
Hastings Promenade
a metal sculpture sitting on top of a sandy beach next to the ocean under a blue sky
Viking Ship, Hastings
an old stone building with arches and pillars in the center, leading into another room
Vaulted Ceiling, The Crypt, Battle
an old building with ivy growing on it's side and people walking down the street
The Mermaid, Rye
an old castle with two large black balls in the foreground and a cannon on the ground
Rye Castle
an old castle with a bench in front of it
Rye Castle
an old building with a statue in front of it
Norwich cathedral was built by the Normans and still has much of its Norman architecture intact. The cathedral has the second tallest spire and the largest surviving cloister in England. It has 1106 roof bosses. A bronze sculpture of the Duke of Wellington can be found outside the cathedral. He is considered one of the greatest defensive commanders of all time.
a white windmill with a blue sky in the background
The wind pump was built around 1912 and moved to Wicken Fen Nature Reserve and restored in 1956. It is the last wooden wind pump in the Fens. It is still used occasionally in the summer.
an old castle with water running through it
A walled building in Warwick dates back to 914 when it was built to protect against the Danish invaders. William the Conquerer had a mote and bailey fort erected in 1068. The wooden structure was replaced with stone in 1260. More improvements have been made over the years. Today there is much to enjoy in and around the castle grounds.