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an old wooden structure with ladders attached to it's sides against a blue sky
Drainage pump on the Broads
the inside of an old church with stained glass windows and wooden pews in it
St. Helen's church, Ranworth
Ranworth Church is dedicated to St Helen, a popular patron of ancient English churches
a boat traveling down a river next to a windmill
Howe Broad
a herd of horses standing on top of a lush green field next to a river
Snettisham Park
Snettisham Park is a working farm, open to the public.
an old stone church surrounded by trees and tall grass with a path leading to it
Clipesby Church
St. Peter’s Church, Clippesby is one of the oldest churches in the Norfolk Broads. It is Grade 11* listed and though small it is very beautiful with many ancient and interesting features
an old church and cemetery with graves in the foreground
St. Peter & St. Paul, Mautby Church
The church is thought to have been built as early as the Noman conquest. It has a thatched roof, round tower with carstone banding and a 15th century font.
an old brick church with a tower next to it
Thurne Church
This lovely thatched church is dedicated to St. Edmund, King of East Anglia and martyred by Danish invaders in 872 AD. It dates back to the 13th century.
an old church with a steeple and trees in the foreground on a sunny day
St.Mary's Church, Snettisham
The present church was built in 1340, but a previous church existed and the village was built around it. The Black Death destroyed the original village.
a swan is swimming in the water near a boat at sunset, with another bird nearby
The Broads, Ranworth
a windmill sitting on the side of a river next to a boat in the water
Ranworth Wind Pump
there is a windmill in the middle of some trees and bushes on this path that leads up to it
Clayrack Drainage Windmill
Clayrack Drainage Windmill is located at How Hill in the English county of Norfolk. It was moved in 1981 from its previous site on Ranworth Marshes
a windmill on the side of a road surrounded by tall grass and trees in front of it
Trigby Postmill
The postmill was constructed to grind wheat produced on the Thrigby estate.
two people riding bikes past a white lighthouse
Hunstanton Lighthouse
Hunstanton lighthose is a 19th century structure that sit where a wooden structure once stood.
some rocks and grass on the beach with a cliff in the background
Cliff Erosion, Hunstanton
Hunstanton Cliffs is a biological and geological Site of Special Scientific Interest.