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an ornately designed building with two large domes on it's roof and windows
Brighton Pavilion
Detail of some of the domes.
two people sitting on the ground in front of a large building with domes and arches
Brighton Pavilion
The complex composition of domes, towers and minarets created a romantic exterior.
an ornate building surrounded by purple flowers and greenery
Brighton Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion, also known as the Brighton Pavilion, is a Grade I listed former royal residence.
the pier is next to the ocean under a cloudy sky
Brighton Pier at Night
people are standing on the bridge that leads to brighton pier, which is located in england
Brighton Pier
Brighton Pier is a Grade II* listed pleasure pier opened on 20th May 1899.
a red and white lighthouse sitting on top of a cliff
Beachy Head Lighthouse
Beachy Head Lighthouse was built by Trinity House in 1902 to guide passing vessels along the cliffs.
people are walking along the beach near white cliffs
The Seven Sisters, Brighton
The Seven Sisters are a series of chalk cliffs by the English Channel. They form part of the South Downs in East Sussex
an old stone building with arches and pillars in the center, leading into another room
Vaulted ceilings in Battle Abbey
Under the dormitory is the Novices’ Chamber and also the Common Room, with vaulted stone arches running through them.
an old stone church with a clock on it's tower and trees around it
St Mary's church was built to serve the communtiy which had grown up around the monastry.
a statue of two men with shields and armor on their backs, holding spears in each hand
William and Harold sculpture, Battle
an old stone church surrounded by trees and grass
The Abbey
Battle Abbey is a partially ruined Benedictine abbey in Battle built on the site of the Battle of Hastings.
an open field with trees and grass in the foreground, on a cloudy day
The Battle Field,
The battle field where the Battle of Hastings was fouoght in 1066. William the Conqueror won the battle against king Harold of England.
an old castle with people walking around it
Entrance to Battle Abbey, Battle
William the Conqueror had Battle Abbey built after the bl;oody battle on 14th October, 1066.
a statue sitting on top of a cement block in front of a lush green field
Statue of Edith (Harold's wife) finding his body after the Battle of Hastings
the beach huts are lined up on the shore near the water's edge with a pier in the background
Beach Huts, Hastings