Make these crazy faces with some loose parts and our free printable facial features!

Crazy Faces Loose Parts Play

free printable face parts -make these crazy faces with some loose parts + free printable facial features *funny

we set up a provocation or invitation to learn "about me."

The above invitation to learn, includes circular bases which act as a canvas for creating self-portraits out of loose-parts.buttons, gems, yarn and beads, and mirrors ( look closely at the various features of their faces.

Transient art faces and other creations from Rachel (",)

Me, Myself & I

Activities around 'me' in an Early Years classroom - from Rachel (",)

reciclando en la escuela: 37. TéMpErA y PaPeL

reciclando en la escuela: 37. TéMpErA y PaPeL

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Kindergarten self portraits on tissue paper backgrounds ... <3 these!

Kinder Self Portraits, Make Tissue paper backgrounds on one day then full body self portraits the next class. Have parent helpers help cut them out and students can glue them onto their tissue paper backgrounds

This would be amazing - do photos of your child with the art at that age...

Great activity to prompt "About Me" Writing!Mini Me monochrome self portrait display shared by ABC Does (",)

Making Faces. Loose parts in the finger gym.

Provide children with large cork circles and baskets of looseparts. Another fun twist would be to use mirrors or metal trays instead of cork circles.

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Little People Learn: Playing with Photos : Symmetry, Recognition/ Names, Matching, Similarites and Differences.

WHAT IS YOUR THEME? This year my theme is Relationships. Everything I do setting up for the first few weeks of school will focused on how to build relationships with my class and parents. I’m not exactly sure what that will look like but I will be working over the next few weeks towards that goal...

Art & Science all in one: Make a self portrait with nature treasures. sturdy paper and tacky glue. art with natural resources

corpo humano

Self portraits with bits & pieces - love this more than all the other self portrait ideas