Lesley Richmond Lace Cloth Series Unnatural Structures (detail) "Some of the forms she constructs with heat-reactive base reference antique lace designs influenced by organic structures.

"Cairn I" janilaine mainprize mixed media, (glass dome not shown) - Do you like Look at structure of food

Detail, 'Black Widow' from the "Lace Cloth" series by English-born, Vancouver-based fiber artist Lesley Richmond.

Leonardo da Vinci Inventions: Im Grunde hat er als Engineer die Rechte auf die Fahrradkette

Leonardo da Vinci inventions: Kinematic Models (from Codex Madrid I : The Madrid Codices: National Library Madrid, Lib.

Faith Wilding, Crocheted Environment Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. Gift of the artist © Photo: Charles Mayer