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a crocheted hat with a red ribbon around it's brim is laying on a white sheet
Recycled Plastic Baseball Cap
Recycled Plastic Baseball Cap | My Recycled
two pairs of scissors laying on top of a white table next to some knitted material
Crocheting Plarn Sandal Soles
Dark Grey Plarn Sandal Soles
a white bag hanging from a clothes line in front of a green field and trees
Crocheted Clothespin Bag from Plarn (Plastic Bag Yarn)
Too many plastic bags lying around? Turn them into plarn (plastic bag yarn), and make something useful like this crocheted clothespin bag.
a bed that has a blanket on top of it
Giant Plarn Rug Pattern
Giant #Plarn #Rug pattern - Use over 500 bags for the project shown, or follow the easy instructions to make this rug any size you need.
a close up of a sink with scrubbings on it
Plarn Crochet Scrubbies Pattern
Plarn Crochet Scrubbies Pattern #plarn #plasticyarn #scrubby #crochet #crochetscrubby #crochetscrubbies
four crocheted baskets sitting on top of a table next to a rubber duck
Free Pattern: Plarn Soap Dish
Crochet is the Way: Free Pattern: Plarn Soap Dish
a basket sitting on top of a moss covered log
a person wearing a bracelet made out of silver and brown metal chains on their arm
Pop/Pull Tab 'X'ellent Plarn Bracelet made with Kroger plastic yarn
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table covered in multicolored yarn
Earth Day | Plarn Pattern Roundup 2016
two baskets sitting on the floor next to each other
a bag made out of toilet paper sitting in the grass
Recycled Plastic Bag Tote Bucket Style White With Blue | Etsy