interesting technique: cut out unwanted words, page underneath shows through

Cool riff on blackout poetry. LM leave words on page; cut out unwanted words; page underneath shows through (alternative to the found poetry project) altered book page

this picture reveals the 'hidden thoughts' with in this individual, which links in to disorder as this is not suppose to be visible to others.(people)

Self-portrait with collage/ Hidden Thoughts Lynn Skordal. This would be fun to do with photos of friends and family.

Abstract Portrait- Lucas Simões, I admire the collage and layering of images to build up the portrait, It shows a modern style and the use of city buildings really adds to the character of the portrait

Abstract Portraits by artist Lucas Simões

Lucas Simões - Ivo, 6 layers (retratos sobrepostos) the use of shapes to move around different features of the mans face is extremely interesting.

2nd-century fragment of the second book of the Iliad. (Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 20, a Greek unical)

fragment of the second book of the Iliad. (Papyrus Oxyrhynchus a Greek unical)


Robert Rauschenberg Estate Oil and silkscreen on canvas 1963 In the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA.

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