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MY very first puppet. Hopefully the first of many...

MY very first puppet. Hopefully the first of many.

New animatronic Eyes

Someone had seen Peter Penguin or my Instructables on Animatronic Penguin Torso or Animatronic Eyes, and was working on a sculpture. He wanted to animate the.

The making of the animatronic spitting Dilophosaurus dinosaur puppet from Jurassic Park.

JURASSIC PARKs Spitter - Building the animatronic Dilophosaurus dinosaur puppet

"How to add facial features to your puppet" tutorial by Project Puppet

Puppet Making Tutorials - How to Make Your Puppets Better Some very in depth tutorials!

Animatronic Werewolf Head Update

Since the last video I have made a removable head support (the big black thing) that will give the head shape and structure when the synthetic fur is put on .