Valentino Rossi Helmets

The helmets and designs that Valentino Rossi has worn throughout MotoGP, including the one-off special designs, year by year.
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Valentino Rossi's 2016 Misano helmet is based on one of his favorite films - The Blues Brothers'

Valentino Rossi's 'Sweet Home Misano' helmet for the 2016 Misano MotoGP, check the pictures here of this 'Blues Brothers' inspired helmet.

Valentino Rossi ‘Yellow Energy’ helmet (Mugello 2015): Valentino Rossi’s 2015 Mugello was a tribute to the fans and included solar panels and an energy gauge detailing how Rossi’s energy rises over the course of a weekend thanks to the fans  This helmet had a reflective surface that looked stunning in the Italian sun, and the helmet has become known as the ‘Yellow Energy’ helmet.

For the 2015 Mugello MotoGP Valentino Rossi produced a special helmet design that featured solar panels and a mirrored design called Yellow Energy.

Valentino Rossi Snowman helmet (Sepang 2016). More:

For the 2016 Winter Test Valentino Rossi had a winter themed helmet design complete with a Snowman in a Yamaha scarf and hat.

Valentino Rossi ‘Di Vale’ Pasta Helmet (Mugello): Valentino Rossi had a uniquely Italian helmet design for his home race at Mugello in 2014. The helmet was made to look like a pasta box, complete with Rigatoni pasta, a brand label called ‘Di Vale’, and cooking instructions for 46 minutes.  The helmet also featured the phrase “non scuoce mai”, which means “doesn’t overcook” – a reference aimed at his critics.

Location: Mugello, Italy Date: Sunday June, 2014 Race Position: The 2014 Mugello MotoGP was an intense affair, one that saw Marc Marquez em

Valentino Rossi Boxer helmet (Misano 2012): For the 2012 Misano MotoGP Valentino produced a special helmet design to poke fun at his struggles with the Ducati. Rossi was portrayed as a beaten up boxer collapsing on the ropes, while asking ‘How am I doing?’ More:

Valentino Rossi wore a helmet featuring himself depicted as a beaten-up boxer with the phrase "Come Vado?" ('How Am I Doing'?) for the Misano MotoGP in 2012

Valentino Rossi Shark Helmet (Misano) 2015: Valentino Rossi went into the Misano MotoGP as championship leader, but the gap was closing between Lorenzo.  To reflect the pressure he was under he had a new helmet design that portrayed Rossi as a tiny yellow fish being chased down by a huge shark.

Valentino Rossi had a new helmet design for the 2015 Misano MotoGP which showed him as a tiny yellow fish being hunted by a huge shark.

Valentino Rossi 2016 Mugello helmet: Valentino Rossi’s 2016 Mugello helmet was designed as a tribute to the fans the “Popolo Giallo” (the Yellow crowd) and the circuit itself.  This bright yellow helmet combined Mugello with the Italian for yellow (‘giallo’) to create ‘Mugiallo’.

This is the Valentino Rossi 'Mugiallo' helmet, the special yellow helmet design for the 2016 Italian MotoGP, designed as a tribute to the track and the fans.

Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 helmet

This is the Valentino Rossi AGV Pista GP R Soleluna 2016 helmet - a race replica of Valentino Rossi's MotoGP helmet.

Valentino Rossi Kendo helmet (Winter Test 2012): Rossi marked his return to Yamaha with this simple design and featured a the Japanese symbol for ‘Kendo’ on the rear, which was used to show the intense emotion Rossi felt about returning to Yamaha

Valentino Rossi returned to Yamaha for the 2013 MotoGP season, and in test sessions he wore a personal helmet design with the 'Kendo' symbol on.