Julie Walters - The actress previously said she decided to stop dying her hair after she shaved her head to play Mo Mowlam in Channel 4 drama Mo. ‘When it grew back grey, I looked in the mirror and thought, “God I look like my uncle!”’, she said. ‘But I started to like it and now I wouldn’t dye my hair again unless it was for a role.’

Success at 61? It's down to my white hair and wrinkles says Julie Walters

All natural: Julie Walters says her refusal to turn to age-defying surgery has helped her career as an actress

Dawn French

'I Miss Being Fat'

English actor, writer and comedian, Dawn French - lost a lot of weight but still flaunting her curves.

Chris Packham by Andrew Shaylor

Chris Packham's Hampshire – in pictures

ChrisPackhamHampshire: The presenter Chris Packham standing outside a door, with two black dogs

Alice Roberts

New research on Indonesian fossils reveals clues to an ancient expansion out of Africa led by human ancestors nicknamed "hobbits.

Miranda Hart Photo - 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival - Closing Ceremony

Miranda Hart Photos Photos: 50th Monte Carlo TV Festival - Closing Ceremony

Miranda Hart Photos - Actress Miranda Hart arrives at the Closing Ceremony of the 2010 Monte Carlo Television Festival held at Grimaldi Forum on June 2010 in Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

Liza Tarbuck - Hilariously funny, down to earth - says what I am thinking - she rocks!

Liza Tarbuck played as Mrs. Barrymore in the Hound of Baskervilles during the year of

Mo Mowlam

Mo Mowlam, I may not have agreed with her politics but I do agree with her strength

Clare Balding is watching you.

Two radio hosts with the British Broadcasting Corporation are under fire for their offensive comments directed at TV presenter Clare Balding during an evening broadcast

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson