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Braxton and Yancey: Memphis Group Design – Post-Modern Industrial Design Rocks The Establishment

Inspiration: A movement led by Ettore Sottsass & an international group of young architects and designers that came together to form the Memphis Group.  A design collective which began in 1981, was known for their colorful & ironic pieces, manipulation of contrasting colors and textures. They produced designs that were not geared towards functionality but, rather, followed the punk aesthetic of the 1970’s.

The Memphis Milano is a group of designers led by famed Italian architect and designer Ettore Sottsass founded at Milano Collection of furniture drew

Most inspiring design movement: “Memphis—not so much the work itself, but the way the movement came into existence and the way its practitioners worked,” Meijer says. “Their goal was to react against the mainstream design at that time and to do something distinctive.

A Drawn Interview with Mieke Meijer - Sight Unseen


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