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then after they're done with whatever they are saying im just like "yeah... i only speak english..."

I relate to this soo much! It's rally funny actually, when a stranger thinks you can speak their Language just because you look like them.

Totally true for allll my white friends. It's so ignorant, and annoying.

China is pretty basic but it's rarely the first to be guessed. :)

Its always hawaii or phillipines but nope im the generic guess (china)

Took a while for my parents to understand NOT to open my mail!! They stopped when I told them it was a Federal crime ;)

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Vintage Sindy Dolls. I had this leaflet!

A page devoted to vintage and retro Sindy dolls, from the to Learn about the wonderful world of Pedigree and Hasbro Sindy dolls and where you can track them down to add to your collection.


Pedigree Vintage Starlight Sindy doll in box

NRFB Sindy doll boxed - Trend Setter 46+5.2

NRFB Sindy doll boxed - Trend Setter 46+5.2