Making felt Coat of Arms - from Georgina Giles's lovely blog!

A creative morning

This morning was a very creative one and was spent amongst piles of felt, lots of glue and some really great ideas! I was teaching a half term workshop at Making Space and the children were making …

foam swords

How to Make Foam Swords & 4th of July Booth UPDATE

How to Make Foam Swords - They are made from pool noodles, PVC pipe, and craft foam.

Sword in the Stone  prize game-attach numbers to cocktail swords to coordinate with numbered giftbags

Halloween Printables

Sword in the Stone: Before the knighting ceremony can begin, squires must extract a mini Excalibur to reveal their noble name. (Made very simply with sponge-painted foam or styrofoam and party "sword" cocktail sticks / toothpicks.