Interior - Setting up the mood

Rubio is all about good vibes and great food & drinks. We provide the soundtrack,the decor and you bring the story. Welcome to Rubio. 43 Park Parade, NW10 4JD…
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the back end of a wooden chair
bottles and bowls are lined up on the shelf next to each other, including one with an orange liquid in it
three coffee bags sitting next to each other
two toy figurines are next to an old fashioned stereo player and tape recorder
a wooden table topped with white plates and glasses next to a wall mounted wine glass holder
there are many movies on the wall
the back end of a grey velvet chair with beads on it's arm and legs
two tables with place settings and wine glasses on them in front of a brick wall
an array of old stereos are shown in this black and white photo, with one speaker facing the camera
the back end of a wooden chair
a bag with the word allpress on it
three coffee mugs hanging from hooks in a kitchen
an old fashioned green machine with blue plates on it's top and flowers in the foreground