Hi! I'm Esther Thomas and I'm 17, turning 18 soon. I have the ability to generate pheromones that affect the behavior of others. I happen to be very smart and can run really fast, because of this people tend to think that I have multiple powers, when I in fact have only one.

Zoella, we want your hair!

Whether Zoella is on a date with Alfie, or attending the launch of her book, Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) always has great hair. She has done long hair, ombre hair, plaits and a bob - what's your favourite?

An honest conversation about life with anxiety! Zoella | Anxiety – The Update

Anxiety - The Update

An honest conversation about life with anxiety! Zoella Anxiety – The Update

ZOELLA // pinterest : teenageovercast ❤

Zoe Sugg on November 2016

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The ever so flawless Zoe Sugg

Joe and Zoe

Zoella w/ her 2 adorable piggies; Percy & Pippin

Zoe holding her guinea pigs, Pippin & Percy😍😍

I just love this photo

Zoe and Poppy in the Zoella apartment.

Zoe and Joe Sugg

Zoe and Joe Sugg

Hi I'm Zoella but you guys call me Ms. I'm your reading and writing teacher! I'm really loving and caring! If you need help with reading or writing come for lunch and I'll help you!

Zoella | Fields of Gold & Strawberries

Fields of Gold & Strawberries

This is photo goalsI would loveeee to go strawberry picking now but I can't because it's the start of November❤️



Fields of Gold & Strawberries

I'm Wearing: ASOS Lace Swing Dress Hat - ASOS Sandals - ASOS Similar dresses: As the weather has been so glorious this past week here in the UK, I've been leavi