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Rug Store has been providing quality products to customers throughout London, UK, for over 30 years. During that time, our staffs have satisfied over 10000…
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Persian Rugs Cleaning London
a red and beige patchwork pillow on a white background with some sort of texture
M352 Medium Kilim Cushion Cover
Kilim Cushion Cover, Price: £25.00
an old rug with red and green colors
R7664 Hand Woven Turkish Esme Kilim Rugs
We offer an extensive collection of Beautiful hand woven Turkish Kilim Rugs as well as cleaning and restoration services, interior design advice and insurance valuations.
an old rug is hanging on the wall
an orange, red and yellow patchwork rug
M1383 Anatolian Kilim Cover
Kilim Cushion Cover £19.00 Size:40 x 40cm
an antique rug is on display in a room
Antique Kilim Carpet
a bedroom with a large painting above the bed
How to Mix and Match Patterns in the Bedroom
an image of a square tile with flowers on the bottom and blue, green, red and white colors
Buy Silk Suzani Cushion Covers at Rugstoreonline.co.uk
a man standing on top of a rug covered floor next to blue barrels and containers
rugs cleaning
Rugs Cleaning London
four men are sitting at a table in front of some rugs with tassels hanging from them
rugs repair
Rugs Repair London
an embroidered square with flowers and leaves on it's sides, sitting on a wooden surface
C17 Beautiful Silk Suzani Pillow Cover
cushion covers for sale