Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Post A Level)

Please have a look through our Foundation students' work and some photos from visits we have been on. The UAL Foundation Diploma is a post A level diagnostic…
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several different colored scarves are laying on top of each other
Natural dye experiments
black and white drawing of an abstract flower design on a piece of paper that has been drawn
Lino repeat print
a crocheted object is sitting on top of a piece of paper with two feet
Knitted nose
many different types of paper hanging from the ceiling
an artistic drawing of leaves on a piece of paper
Mono print
four square pictures with leaves on them sitting on a table
Eco prints
nine different colored faces are shown on a white wall
a sign that says our home is burning
some drawings and pictures on a white board with black marker markers in the middle one has a giraffe, another is a man
a piece of art that has been altered to look like it is made out of fabric
a collage of different pictures on a white wall with brown and black squares around it
an image of some cartoon characters in different stages of drawing and animation character design, with the
four pictures of women's pants with faces on them and one woman in the background