paul nash - solstice of the sunflower (1945)

Solstice of the Sunflower - Paul Nash, 1945 From the National Gallery of Canada: “ “Solstice of the Sunflower” is one of the last oil paintings Paul Nash completed before his death in Admired for its formal boldness and visionary qualities, it.

Wittenham Clumps 1943/44   unfinished   Paul Nash

Wittenham Clumps, Paul Nash, oil and pencil on canvas, 633 mm x 757 mm, England

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Landscape of the Moon’s Last Phase, Paul Nash, one of his paintings of Wittenham Clumps in South Oxfordshire

Paul Nash - Wittenham Clumps

"The Wood on the Hill" by Paul Nash, 1912 (ink and wash on paper) Nash wrote of this scene: "grey hollowed hills crowned by old old trees"

An image of Sunflower and sun by Paul Nash

"Quite lovely country looking over the Bagley Woods towards Wittenham Clumps in the distance and a charming neglected garden very interesting in forms and colours" - Sunflower and Sun by Paul Nash, 1942

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