How to Hand Monoprint at Home

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a piece of art that has been altered to say what's a photographer etching? a tour of my new series of photographs
What is a photopolymer etching?
a woman painting in her studio with the words resolutions or intentionss? how i'm dreaming and planning my 2024
Resolutions or Intentions: How I'm Dreaming and Planning my 2024
a woman standing in front of a painting with the words studio vlog always take a ghost print
Studio Vlog: Always Take a Ghost Print
a woman standing in front of a wall with pictures on it and the words print rescue tip for when it goes wrong
Print Rescue: What I do When it Goes Wrong
a woman standing in front of a desk with two circles over her head and the words review of my art year 2012
A Review of My (Art) Year 2023
a painting with the words re - mastering artwork giving old monoprints a second chance
Re-mastering: Giving Old Monoprints a Second Chance
an up close tour of ancient horizon's my new print series, with the title
A Tour of 'Ancient Horizon': my new print series
the words stamping with autumn leaves are in front of an image of fall leaves
Stamping with Autumn Leaves
two paintings with text that reads studio vlog small, speedy changes to transform prints
Studio Vlog: Small Speedy Changes to Transform Prints
two hands holding up a piece of paper that says you can print a drypoint plate by hand
You Can Print A Drypoint Plate by Hand
two pencils sitting on top of a piece of paper with the words making a drypoint plate to print at home
Making a Drypoint Plate to Print at Home
an art project is being displayed in front of a wall with the words starting all over again how i begin my college artwork work
Starting All Over Again: How I Start my Collage Artwork
a poster with an image of a waterfall and the words, what i do when i'm not sure what to do working on a new series of prints in the home printing studio
What I Do When I'm not Sure What to Do
a painting with a quote on it that says, a tour of my new print series ramps
A Tour if my New Print Series 'Ramparts'
the words studio vlogg add just one thing in front of an abstract painting
Studio Blog: Just One Thing