Ruthie Mackay

Ruthie Mackay

"That's all drugs and alcohol do, they cut off your emotions in the end." -Ringo Starr
Ruthie Mackay
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Crown by Yaphleen I’m still experimenting with photoshop.

Charlotte Gomez

Indian Girl / Ragazza Indiana - Art by Charlotte Gomez

Stunning woven hanging decoration by Donna Sakamoto Crispin. Fluidity and a little bit of cubism

copper cascade made of sheet metal copper, copper wire Donna Sakamoto Crispin

yoni mudra.

PORTAL- an peaceful art print celebrating the power Reproduced from an original acrylic painting by me (Catie Atkinson) :) You will receive an

Totems | Caroline Manière

Totems | Caroline Manière

“It's important to remember ourselves as the expression and extension of a long line of survivors. Our lives are but a continuation of all those who came before. In that way, their wounds are our own, in that it is up to us to make something of them." (Click on the pic to read more). © 2016 Toko-pa Turner | Artwork by Caroline Manière - Femmes médecine #dreamworkwithtokopa

totems caroline manière more gudinnor totems caroline animal totems .

White Tara - "the guardian of all fear. She appears as soon as a follower calls. She arrives, ready to put to right the most terrible of situations." Assouline

resonant divine feminine, clear energy, the color white, gorgeous energy!

Black Tara and Kilimanjaro by Marianna Rydvald.

Visionary fine art and murals by Marianna Rydvald inspires the transition of diverse traditions, a dedication towards World Peace consciousness.

tribal belly dancer with fire fans

these temporary watercolor esque floral tattoos are everywhere since Chanel made temporary tattoos fashionable a few seasons ago...bridesmaid gifts maybe

Floral temporary tattoos and jewelry: floral watercolor bouquet on hands and arms