Bloody recorder - waste of time , have you ever heard of somebody playing on in a band ?, no, thought so .

Recorder - I had this model. Had to learn it in school. The course was called recorder karate and we got colored string tied to our recorders as belts when we played a song with less than three mistakes.

Top of the Pops. Every Thursday I'd rush to the telly to watch this

Top of the Pops. with DJ's Noel Edmonds and Tony Blackburn. A weekly programme consisted of performances from some of that week's best-selling popular music artists, with a rundown of that week's music singles chart.

We had fun making pompoms as kids - wouldn't have a clue how to do it now!

Making pom poms - I remember going around our neighbourhood and knocking on people's doors (totally irritating, I imagine) asking if they had any spare wool so I could go home and spend hours making pompoms!

Daisy chains. Op een mooie lente- of zomerdag lekker in het gras zitten, armbandjes en kettinkjes maken van madeliefjes.

Spent many childhood days sitting in the grass making daisy chains :). My friends and I made dandelion chains.

Crazy Foam

Crazy Foam bath foam for kids - I loved this stuff, still remember the smell.

Corona Man - Cream Soda was my favourite.

#129 – The Popman!

Old Corona pop lorry and the pop man delivering pop door to door on Wales with a small refund on the empties, early recycling!- forgotten about them

School Paul's Boutique bag for me !!

loved it --- my boyfriend -- now my husband of 43 years carried my satchel to school

Everybody had a budgie or canary when I was little

A tornado victim, landed at the ranch. Still flying around and doing fine! These little birds teach gentleness and love. They help us learn to be playful with our love.