Illustrations by Charley Harper, from a 1960s biology book

biology book, with graphic of the finches of the Galapagos studied by Charles Darwin. Illustration by Charles Harper

hang it up

How To Create a Visual Display on a Low Budget

How to hang art with no frames. No frame wall art hanging ideas. frameless way to hang art.

First anniversary gift idea

DIY Idea: Places You 'Heart' Map Art

DIY Idea: Places You 'Heart' Map Art - i know some special places i would put on there :)

Owl Tree Nursery

vinyl wall decals on Vinyl Wall Decal Stickers Owl Tree Set Nursery Boy Baby Textured wall .

Project Life 6 x 8 photo into 2 x 2

Project Life

I wanted to share the rest of my April pages today. The last half of the month came together really quickly for me and it was the first time …

Cat Mountains, Polish Promotion Poster

Polish Travel Poster by Ryszard Kaja (b. Kocie Góry (colloquially "Cat Mountains" from German: Katzengebirge).

Flexible casual art display

This is not an idea for the house per say, I just liked the idea of having a space for the kids art work n Ikea curtain wire (Dignitet) and office clips display a collection of children's art.

Display slides as artwork and light!

Slide Light wall frame designed by Suck UK. This is a backlit wall frame where you can showcase photography slides.

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