Eucalyptus Forest, New Zealand

Eucalyptus Forest, New Zealand looks like a cross between a Christmas light show and a fairy land - would be a beautiful setting for a wedding.

The gardens of the Alcazar Palace - Seville, Spain

✭ The gardens of the Alcazar Palace - Seville, Spain. I LOVED SEVILLE and TOLEDO, Spain. Travelled their many years ago with my new husband.

Flowering Garden - Vincent van Gogh

Flowering Garden - : Vincent van Gogh Completion Date: 1888 Place of Creation: Arles . s-is-for-someday-i-ll-have-my-own-art-studio

Flower Garden - Gustav Klimt

Flower Garden Gustav Klimt “Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

From Claus Dalbys garden in Risskov, Denmark. Visit his blog -

Euphorbia polychroma: An undemanding perennial, Euphorbia polychroma offers a pleasing contrast of colors on a neat, almost architectural form.

Stip tenuissima, lavandula, salvia nemorosa

HW: Stipa tenuissima combined w Salvia (or lavendar). Gravel garden with rock, Salvia Wesuwe, Salvia X Superba, Stipa Tenuissima

Cosmos Chocomocha, Achillea, Anemanthele lessoniana, Crocosmia Lucifer, Deschampsia. Stipa tenuissima , Calamagrostis, Sanguisorba:

Owen Morgan's 'To The Beat' garden in the 'Orchestra Gardens' category at the RHS Tatton Park Winner GOLD & Best in Show Inner ring: Cosmos Chocomocha ring: Achillea Moonshine, Achillea Paprika, Achillea Terracotta. ring: Achillea Indian G

Atelier Cecilia Rosslee: INSPIRATION

Garnish Island - Ireland - stone wall gate covered in a vine w flowers? Looks like coming home

The Shiny Squirrel

I dream of a Victorian walled garden with a rustic wooden gate, just like 'The Secret Garden' (Barrington Court, Somerset)