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Plywood shelving Unit Coatesville | kirsty winter

plywood shelving - would look good in front of a dark gray wall, in the back section of my basement.

This linen voile and lace blind was the result of a collaboration with Maria Speake of Retrouvius. The square piece was once the lace edging to a handkerchief and the rectangles are French embroidered muslin. Placing them onto the linen voile gives them added strength and a new life. The translucency of the voile emphasises …

Lucy Bathhurst does very elegant things with old linen and lace for Retrouvious.

Hexagonal tiles bathroom

Love this floor! Love that the grout is dark, too, so it doesn't look an awful dirty brown color with wear, which is why I want black grout. Just need a colour for my hexagon tile feature.