MARIO BOTTA, WOHNSIEDLUNG IN NOVAZZANO: swiss architect who's also responsible for the sfmoma.

mario botta, wohnsiedlung in novazzano: swiss architect who's also responsible for the sfmoma .

Water Tower, Lauren Marsolier

"Water Tower" photograph by Lauren Marsolier I love Brutalism. The simutaneaous expression of humanity's dominance and its failing. The edifice is a middle finger to nature and its surroundings. But it will erode and crumble as all things must.

water tower. There are amazing architecture projects around the world. Here you can see every type of project, since buildings, to bridges or even other physical structures. Enjoy and see more at

superb sample from a collection of water tower photography at present and correct, which also suggests lots of interesting further reading.

brutalist architecture

brutalist architecture -love the way it looms, an ominous yet pure presence

Brutalist Architecture -

This is a view from the Barbican Housing Estate, in London. Brutalism, was a style of architecture usin' pure concrete with a rough stone texture,

Brutalist in Bruocsella

Brutalist in Bruocsella I've been to the Vegan Chocolate shop opposite this!

Helene Binet photography.

Image 6 of 10 from gallery of Surface Magazine Launches Annual Avant Guardian Photography Contest. Photograph by Hélène Binet / Courtesy of Surface Magazine

Lesser known buildings: Welbeck Street Car Park, 2013

London's most underappreciated architecture – in pictures

a-sophisticates-aesthetic: “ Welbeck Street Car Park, London, United Kingdom Architect: Michael Blampied ”