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Small business accounting tips – DIY
If the thought of your business numbers gives you 😱… here are 3 tips that work for me. Make your Self Assessment form a breeze (not something to fear)… 1. Figure out ONE thing to make it less stressy. A better spreadsheet template? A better way to store receipts? Diary reminders to do it monthly instead of an overwhelming chunk? DO ONE THING FOR AN EASIER PROCESS. 2. Put aside money each month for taxes. Save yourself the hassle of finding a nasty lumpsum right after Christmas ;) 3. Tell the mindset monster a different story. Your small business isn't that complicated. You can do easy account filing yourself, or at least, learn the tricks to make it easy. Tell the mindset monster who's holding you back to get stuffed! You deserve more time for what you love in your business, not pr
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13 Tips for better work-life balance as an entrepreneur
Exhausted by 2021? NOW is the perfect time to reset the approach to your business – stop it from running your life! Instead start applying better boundaries so that you create balance and downtime. (Which you and your family deserve.) > Save this Pin to refer back to! > Click to read > Start small to make a change. #SmallBusinessOwnership #SmallBusinessBlanace #SmallBusinessConfidence #MindfulBusiness #IntentionalSmallBusiness #WorkLifeBalance #SmallBusinessMum
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Business owners! 13 tips to improve your work-life balance this year
Constant brain buzz? Late night laptop sessions?Guilty feelings around what you 'should' be doing, instead of actually switching off?… … The trouble is you won't ever find a good work-life balance UNLESS you shift it yourself. > Click now to read my 13 ideas to avoid the burnout in your business for 2022. (They worked for me!) #WorkLifeBalance #WorkSmartNotHard #Mindfulness #SmallBusinessLife #Entrepreneurship #SolopreneurLife
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Tips for better work-life balance in 2022
You can't find work-life balance… you have to create it. It won't happen to you, you have to make it your priority! SLOW DOWN, be mindful of what's right for you and read this blog to set off 2022 on the right foot. > 13 ideas to help you run your business more productively (and not let it run you!)… I speak from experience, as someone for whom these tips have WORKED. #WorkLifeBalance #SmallBusinessLife #BusinessResilience #SmallBusinessOwnership #Entrepreneurship #AvoidBurnout #HealthyLiving
Bust the small business burnout!
Run your business, don't let it run you! Read more here:
the words how i prioritize to do's with batch days on a pink background
How I Prioritize My To-Do’s with Batch Days - Creative at Heart
How I Prioritize My To-Do’s with Batch Days // Creative at Heart #batchdays #prioritizing #businessorganization #projects #tasks #businesspriorities #businessprojects #batching
an info sheet describing the different types of social media and how to use it for presentations
15 Types of Content to Post on Social Media to Keep Your Feed Fresh [Infographic]
a blue background with the words 7 things i would do differently in my first year of business
7 Things I Would Do Differently in My First Year of Business - MintSwift
the words how to create more space for creativity in your creative business are shown above an image of office supplies
How to create more space for creativity in your creative business - Sofie does Art
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Pinkpot Studio | Shopify web design & Product photography
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Why I LOVE CANVA — Social Magpie Design | Squarespace Website Design & Branding UK
a notebook with the title 10 business lessons i learned in 2020
10 Business Lessons From 2020
10 business lessons I learned this year. | business on your own terms, online business, freedom business, business lessons | #businesstips #onlinebusiness #marketing #businessmarketing