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The Doctor smiles and laughs so rarely, that I cannot get enough of seeing Peter do it.

He asked what pose my daughter would like. When she said "like friends just hanging out" his response was to say "but that's just what we are"! And then when I thanked him for looking after the Doctor so well, he shook my hand and thanked me profusely. I really get the impression that he understands the importance of the Doctor as a role that transcends any one actor.

pepaldi: “ A few fans with Peter (and Jenna and Michelle) at Dallas Fan Expo Day June “Watching him with the fans in the autograph line earlier, he was obviously just having a ball and.

Peter from The RSC Half Exhibition . Photo by Simon Annand For @graveblanketgreen Enjoy!

“why am i awake i am utter trash here have a photo of shirtless peter capaldi it will change your life for the better”

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